I, Villain

Book 1 of the I, Villain Series


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My current alias is Benjamin Cly.

Just over 10 years ago, I retired from my life of violence and became a fixer – a middleman of sorts.  Clients brought me their problems.  My talented contractors “resolved” them.  As long as the money was right, I worked every side of the law and didn’t think twice about it. Until one of my biggest clients tried to set me up.

Then things went sideways.

I lost my growing criminal empire at the drop of a hat.  A lot of people started trying to kill me.  I should’ve run away and hid in some distant corner of the world.  But that’s not my style.  I don’t run.  I thrive.

And in a corrupt metropolis like Pillar City, I’ll just start a new empire.  But I can’t be a fixer again.  Nor do I want to be a mobster – this town has plenty of those.  No, I’m going to do the last thing anyone would ever expect a “harmless” guy like me to do: become a crimefighter.  Seeing as I can steal super powers with a touch, it might be fun . . .