25 Aug

Hope all is well.

As of today, here are my next three gigs:

1.     9/3 – “OddMall: Uncensored” https://www.eventbrite.com/e/oddmall-uncensored-tickets-214673683767

2.     9/16 – 9/17 “Monroe Pop Fest” https://www.monroecomic-con.com/

3.     10/6 – 10/9 “Con on the Cob” https://cononthecob.com/

Latest word:

1.     Batchery, Vol. 4 is out in the world. Check out Amazon/Kindle for your copy.

2.    The Antagonists’ Cookbook, Vol. 2 rough draft is done. One last polish and it’ll go to the editor. I just might get this puppy done by December (don’t quote me).

3.     Tyrant’s Bane is in the other editor’s hands now. November/December release date might be doable.

4.     I haven’t touched Scorched Mind in months but the cover’s in process. Once these other books are in the wind, this puppy will get my unfettered mental wrath. Expect something to drop by next summer.

Twisted thoughts of the week:

1.     What if Dr. Strange learned his magic first, then realized that he was a mutant all along? Perhaps, in some alternate reality, he went dark and formed the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Imagine if he connected with Emma Frost and telepathically shared his knowledge of the occult with his fellow mutants. Throw in a pathological hatred of the X-Men and maybe the “good” doctor crosses realities and kills any X-Men team he comes across . . . in the name of mutant supremacy.

2.     Has anyone ever done a pirate-era Ghost Rider? And if not, why not? A ship with a flaming sail and skeletal crew would be awesome.

3.     There’s a Native American hitman. They call him “The Medicine Man.” He’s a specialist, who only does hits for large mobs. Think a big, surly dude with functional boots, jeans, a black tee, and a worn leather jacket (to conceal his Bowie knife). The bulk of his profits go to his impoverished reservation.

          While he won’t kill anyone of Native descent, women and children are fair game. He feels no guilt or joy about what he does. It’s merely business.

          Medicine Man’s gifts are two-fold. One, he’s a skilled tracker—to the point where it’s been mistaken as a super power. Two, he’s a precog. The man knows every day of his future: to his death. That’s why he never loses and knows which jobs to avoid. As for his death, the Medicine Man’s fine with it. In his mind, it’s a fine way to die.

Well, back to work. ‘Til next time . . .


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