06 Sep

Hope all is well.

As of today, here are my next three (large) gigs:

1. 9/16 – 9/17 “Monroe Pop Fest” https://www.monroecomic-con.com/

2. 10/6 – 10/9 “Con on the Cob” https://cononthecob.com/

3. 10/22 – 10/23 “How-To Halloween” https://how-tohalloween.com/

Latest word:

1. The Antagonists’ Cookbook, Vol. 2 rough draft is done and in the editor’s hands. The cover art’s been discussed but not triggered yet. Safe odds that she’ll drop by early November.

2. Tyrant’s Bane came back from my other editor. Going through her notes, it’s become clear that this novel’s got a few more rewrites (and a new ending) ahead of it.

It also presents me with an interesting question concern. Will fantasy hawks hate this book? So far, the answer seems to be: “Hell yes.” Like, my storyline is pure blasphemy.

It’s sad, really. There’s even a disclaimer on the back cover:

This isn't formulaic high fantasy, urban fantasy, or super hero fiction. It's a twisted blend of all three: told as a stand-alone war tale.

Fantasy world novels aren’t often done first-person, with the breakneck pace of a comic book and an underhanded urban fantasy mindset.

That’s what makes Tyrant’s Bane so awesome: to the point where I’m tempted to break my vow and make this one a series. I won’t. However, some of the plot implications just might trickle back into the I, Villain universe.

Still, my boy needs some tweaks. Considering my reduced free time, don’t expect this one until 2023 (more’s the pity).

3. The Scorched Mind cover is almost done—and a thing of twisted beauty. I won’t show it until the story’s done (in 2023). Now, all I have to do is finish the [expletive deleted] novel.

Twisted thoughts of the week:

1. At some point, I’d like to try an experiment in short storytelling. The Antagonists’ Cookbook has 200 pre-generated characters in it. I gave them silly recipe names with five ingredients (or super powers). What if I wrote short stories around some of these characters? Food for thought . . .

2. Has anyone ever dropped a story where a witch was murdered—and her familiar had to solve the case? Out of curiosity, I did a Google search. Nothing came up. It’s probably been done. Yeah . . . probably.

3. If a psychic is bitten by a zombie, would he/she retain higher brain functions? Since regular zombies would ignore them, they'd be able to freely move about. Some could be good, while others opportunistic. It's probably been done. Yeah.

Well, back to work.

As always, if you wish to see my current list of published works, please hit this link: https://www.talesunlimited.net/current-titles. Each book is available on Amazon and Kindle.

‘Til next time . . .


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