13 Sep

Hope all is well.

As of today, here are my next three (large) gigs:

1. 9/16 – 9/17 “Monroe Pop Fest” https://www.monroecomic-con.com/
2. 10/6 – 10/9 “Con on the Cob” https://cononthecob.com/
3. 10/22 – 10/23 “How-To Halloween” https://how-tohalloween.com/

Latest word:

1. The Antagonists’ Cookbook, Vol. 2 rough draft is still in the editor’s hands. I hope to start the cover art process by next Monday.

2. Tyrant’s Bane will go into cold storage for a bit.

3. The Scorched Mind cover is set. Time to use it as a “guiding star” to finish this [expletive deleted] masterpiece.

Twisted thoughts of the week:

1. What if a group of mages drew power from something odd: like cardboard? A bunch of evil cultists ambush a mage and put a bullet into her. It turns into a cat-and-mouse chase. All looks hopeless, until the lucky mage stumbles across a shipping warehouse. The presence of cardboard suffuses her with power. With every spell she burns, so does the cardboard though. And there’s also the matter of blood loss. Who wins?

2. I had a time traveler idea, involving the British royal family. Know what? Too soon.

3. A futuristic merc dates his AI. Bonded to his cyberware, its purpose was to simply keep him alive. The last thing anyone expected was a twisted love affair . . .

4. An alchemist decides to field test her new killing blade (say, a scimitar). The enchanted hilt contains a dozen tiny vials of assorted potions. The blade’s razor-sharp and almost indestructible. A standard lethal wound should be just that. However, if the scimitar cut doesn’t kill a victim, then one of the potions automatically kicks in and (hopefully) finishes the job.

Well, back to work.

As always, if you wish to see my current list of published works, please hit this link: https://www.talesunlimited.net/current-titles. Each book is available on Amazon and Kindle.

‘Til next time . . .


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