20 Sep

Hope all is well.

As of today, here are my next three (large) gigs:

1. 10/6 – 10/9 “Con on the Cob” https://cononthecob.com/ 

2. 10/22 – 10/23 “How-To Halloween” https://how-tohalloween.com/ 

3. 11/5 – 11/6 “Akron Comicon” https://www.akroncomicon.com/ 

Latest word:

1. The Antagonists’ Cookbook, Vol. 2 edits just came through. Work on the cover art should begin next week. 2. Tyrant’s Bane is still in cold storage. 3. I went a few chapters into Scorched Mind. I’ve got a clever hook and it’s holding. The trick’s to not screw myself up (with an “even better hook”) and start over.

Twisted thoughts of the week:

1. I showed off The Antagonists’ Cookbook at a recent event. The challenge was: how to create a Jack the Ripper who could evade detection. Well, I flipped pages.

The first power allowed him (or her) to create archaic melee weapons out of thin air. The second power was a shrinking ability. And the third allowed for the enslavement of victims’ souls. Now combine them . . .

Anyone killed by these blades is a slave to the Ripper. He (or she) can grow out of nowhere, slit throats, then shrink back again (perhaps with the victim’s corpse in tow). The souls of the victims don’t mind the crime because they’re brainwashed.

That might even lead to the killer’s motive: he seeks to redeem his victims, via the “cleansing pain” of murder. Once the Ripper kills a prostitute, he (or she) could simply tell the soul to repent. All that’s left is to polish the backstory: then give the protagonist(s) plot ulcers.

2. The strangest word crept into my mind: “Frankenroids.”

I don’t even wanna generate a profile of its effects. It would be cooler for an alchemical war criminal—someone whose drugs are considered WMDs—to simply offer the drug on the black market.

Once word gets out, there’d be all kinds of chaos. Bad guys would kill to have it. Others would die to protect the world from its effects.

The twist? What if the alchemist already slipped it into the global food supply: about a year ago? Billions have been “dosed” with it. The effects take time to mature and will make us wish for a zombie apocalypse.

And, as it turns out, the alchemist is offering the treatment for Frankenroids: because there is no true cure.

Well, back to work.

As always, if you wish to see my current list of published works, please hit this link: https://www.talesunlimited.net/current-titles. Each book is available on Amazon and Kindle.

‘Til next time . . .


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